Weather Proofing Your Deck for the Winter Months

winter-proof-deckWe like to write informative articles about the great state of Wisconsin and all the many sites, destinations and things to do while here. We hope anyone visiting our site will find great information on our state and it’s many cities and such as to plan a great trip or should they be moving here to prepare themselves for all that can be found and enjoyed. Recently I had a fellow reader ask about information on what he should know about weather proofing his vacation rental he just purchased for the winter months here that can be quite harsh. Thinking more about it I realized what an awesome question this was and what a great post it would make. Those that are not from here or live in warmer clients probably don’t know too much about what harsh winter weather can do to your home and vehicles.

So that being said….Let’s talk about weather proofing your deck using a sealant!

deck-sealantClean & Prep– first things first you will want to sweep away and clean off any type of debris that has accumulated on your deck.  Should you have furniture or potted plants and the like you will need to remove those items as well. Use a leaf blower to really get rid of any dust, leaves, dirt etc. The better you prep your deck the better the sealant will hold. Next thing you will need to do is use an oxygen based bleach solution to clean your deck and get rid of any mildew or other stains. Letting the bleach sit for at least 20 minutes will ensure that it cleans the deck surface thoroughly and that you are ready for the next step! Water-repellent sealant!

Staining & Sealant- Should you have an older sealant or stain on your deck we recommend stripping the old off before applying the new. This will help to ensure that the new sealant or stain is put on evenly and will uphold to the best of it’s abilities. Next you will make sure that you choose a water-repellent stain or sealant to aid in keeping moisture of your deck and from getting into cracks and spaces. This is extremely important before the winter months are upon on here in wisconsin because the rain and snow will cause moisture to become trapped in your decks surface which will create wrapping and cause cracks. This in turn will lead to more damage.

professional-deck-sealantDIY or Professional Application- You can definitely attempt to stain or seal your deck on your own. It is not to complicated of a task , however depending on the condition of your deck it can be time consuming. You will also make sure you use the right chemicals and sealants and that you apply them correctly. You can always call in a professional that can do the job for you and help to give you piece of mind before the winter months are upon us.

Need to remove snow or ice from your deck???

Snow- should you need to remove snow from your deck do so with a plastic shovel rather than a metal shovel. The use of plastic will help to ensure less damage than what can be caused by a metal shovel. Alos when shoveling the snow make sure to do so in parallel to the boards to prevent gauging the planks.

Ice- When removing ice try to steer clear of salts and other chemicals because they tend to stain and discolor the sealant or stain that was applied to your deck. Also avoid the use of chippers because this too will damage not only the sealant or stain it will also damage the wood on your deck.

Hopefully this will shed a little light on what it entails to weatherproof your deck as well as provide tips on how to prevent damage from the accumulation of snow or ice!