Hot Tubs & Wisconsin Winters

vacation-rentalNow that winter is upon us and bringing with it, it’s frigid temperatures, especially here in Wisconsin, utilizing a hot tub has never seemed like such a great option.  Should you own a rental property or offer the use of your AirBnB, making sure your hot tub is up and running for your renters and guests use is very important.  In an ever growing competitive market of vacation homes you want to make sure that your spa and its amenities are up to par. While purchasing and the upkeep of a hot tub can be quite the added expense, the relaxation and satisfaction of enjoying one, especially in colder temperatures is quite the luxury! We decided to do our research and provide answers to your most asked questions on hot tub repair and spa maintenance to keep it running its best during the cold winter months!

Hot Tub Repair/Winter Maintenance FAQ

  • What is pricing to fix a leaking hot tub? The price can vary depending on the part that is leaking. If the shell of the hot tub is leaking it can range anywhere between $200-$1100 to repair. If the leak stems further than the shell it can often cost a few hundred dollars more.  In this case it is smart to consider replacing your hot tub instead of repairing it.
  • What is that loud noise coming from the motor & why won’t it turn on? The majority of the time your spa motor won’t turn on because of electrical issues. In this case it is important to call a qualified electrician and/or professional spa technician. The loud noise you hear is generally caused by pump seals that need to be replaced.
  • How do I prevent my hot tub from freezing? First things first make sure you have a hot tub cover and one in good condition at that. This cover is one of the key essentials in preventing your hot tub from freezing. You will also need to monitor the water level and make sure to hot-tub-winterizingmaintain the water temperature.
  • What temp should my hot tub stay at in the winter? Maintaining your hot tub temperature so that it is always at the same temp is important especially if you or your guests will be using it often. Hot tub experts suggest a temperature of 102 to 104 with never allowing it to fall below 90 degrees.
  • Should I get my hot tub “ready” for winter? It is suggested to prevent costly hot tub repairs as well as to catch any issues before they become bigger, to have your hot tub serviced before the winter months. This will ensure that everything is running correctly and that your hot tub is clean and problem free.
  • What is freeze damage in a hot tub? It is important to prevent freeze damage in your hot tub which can lead to costly repairs or needing to buy a whole new hot tub altogether. What exactly is freeze damage? Freeze damage occurs when the water in your hot tub pipes or other equipment freezes. When water freezes it expands which can cause major damage to your pipes and equipment.

Wisconsin-winterEnjoying a dip in a warm hot tub can do wonders to help warm you up after a cold winter day.  It can also help relieve cold sore muscles from winter sports or exploring. Having a hot tub at your disposal in a cold winter climate is a luxury that many look forward to. Whether you are a traveler or a rental property owner having a properly working spa free of problems is sure to make both parties happy!