Facts & Info About Wisconsin

visiting-wisconsinTo start things off we thought we would share some information and a few facts about the beautiful state of Wisconsin.  For those of you who have not had the chance to visit our state of for those of you returning and not too familiar with all the “cheese” state has to offer.

Wisconsin Facts & Info

  • Devil’s Lake is our states oldest and most visited State park. Definitely worth a visit if you are in Wisconsin
  • There are 7,446 streams and rivers throughout the state, how will you ever be able to decide which to choose from??
  • Not only is Wisconsin known for cheese, the city of Wausau is the ginseng capital of the world, who knew?
  • Our nation’s largest water park is found in Wisconsin Dells and is named Noah’s Ark
  • Known as the dairy capital of the United States Wisconsin produces more milk than anydairy-capital-wisconsin other state.
  • Not only is Green Bay home to the packers it is also the oldest city in Wisconsin
  • Seymour, Wisconsin is actually home to the hamburger Hall of Fame!
  • Sheboygan, Wisconsin is home to the Bratwurst capital of the world.  I guess it’s safe to say Wisconsin is home to many different random capitals of the world!
  • Houdini the famous magician is from Wisconsin and so is Frank Lloyd Wright
  • Mount Horeb is home to the Mustard Museum
  • Wisconsin is nicknamed the Badger State
  • In 1940 the House On the Rock was built and considered a marvel of architecture

info-on-wisconsinWhile there are so many interesting and fun facts that can be learned about Wisconsin these are a few of our favorite.  Every state offers their own unique sights, landmarks and adventures to be had,Wisconsin included. It’s always fun to check things out and know a little more about the state you are planning to visit or maybe even decide to visit because of their unique attractions that are offered.  We think it is pretty safe to say that coupled with all that the state of Wisconsin has to offer as well as the beauty and hospitality you will find it is definitely a place worth visiting and exploring!