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Wisconsin’s Historical Sites & Landmarks

Like any other state, Wisconsin has its own unique history and historical landmarks to be seen and visited. These landmarks help to showcase the history of Wisconsin that lies beneath the city weAztalan-State-Park know today.  Did you know that Wisconsin first became a state in 1848 and that there are many ancient archaeological sites that can be found throughout its terrain? Check out our list of some of the most popular historical sites and landmarks to be visited when you find yourself in the state!

Historical Sites & Landmarks in Wisconsin

  • Cave of the Mounds- Regarded as a historical wonder the mounds are actually caverns of limestone and stalactites. Incredulous to view with your own eyes, this perhaps is one of the most popular sites to be seen when visiting Wisconsin.  Found my accident we are sure glad that these caverns were stumbled upon
  • The National Railroad Museum- This museum full of preserved historical railroad artifacts and pictures can be found in Green Bay, Wisconsin.  There are exhibits to be explored, tours to be taken and a lot of priceless items from the old railway days
  • Old World Wisconsin- Found in the town of Eagle, this 19th century inspired village showcases farmhouses, gardens, crafts and clothes from that era.  Here you can also witness and learn about the times food preparation and history all together
  • Circus World Museum- This historical museum expands over 50 acres of land in Baraboo, wisconsin. One of the most popular historical landmarks in all of Wisconsin, you can witness circus tricks and the like when you visit.  Definitely a site for both adults and children to enjoy
  • Aztalan State Park- this state park can be found in Jefferson, WI nd is home to some of the most prized archeological sites in all of the state.  I true beauty and wonder to visit.
  • Van-Hise-RockVan Hise Rock- This incredible rock formation is named after famed geologist Charles Van Hise who was both born and raised in Wisconsin. It is found in Rock Springs and is known for its abundant historical geological information
  • The First Capitol-  Found In Belmont, this was the first capitol of Wisconsin and where lawmakers met in 1836 to discuss legislation and such for the state

There are so many historical sites and landmarks to be seen it is hard to choose from them all.  The great thing about the numerous sites and landmarks is that they are filtered throughout the entire state so no matter which part you may be in there is surely something to see or historical landmark to visit.  Make a list of the sites that interest you most and map out a plan so that you are able to travel to all before your trip comes to an end. Not only are you learning a little history about the state of Wisconsin itself but a little piece to the history puzzle of the United States is learned as well!


Wisconsin’s Winter Activities

Wisconsin is truly a beautiful state that has a variety of things to see and do for both natives and winter-activities-wisconsinvisitors. While Wisconsin definitely exhibits the four seasons and can have some spectacular weather it is also known for its harsh winters. Should you be making a trip to Wisconsin this winter, fear not!  While winters can be VERY cold and full of snow and ice, there are still a number of great activities to do during the colder months. Check out our list of the top 5 things you must do while visiting Wisconsin in the winter months.

Wisconsin’s Winter Activities

  • snow-train-wisconsinSnow Trains- There are a number of different snow trains that  you can board and enjoy a nice warm ride through the winter landscapes of Wisconsin, depending on the area you are in. Both kids and adults will find a train ride through the winter scenery both fun and relaxing, plus you get to see the beauty of winter from a warm train car!
  • Apostle Island Lake Shore- When the winter weather permits you can visit this magical place and explore the ice caves!  While it can definitely be cold the scenery and beauty will indeed take your breath away!
  • Winterfest Sled Dog Race- Found in Merrill, the dog sled race takes place EVERY year and is fun for the whole family.  With a number of races to watch that showcase both adults and children, they are fun to watch and cheer on while also playing in the snow!dog-sled-wisconsin
  • Cascade Mountain-  This beautiful mountain terrain with its numerous tube chutes is the perfect place to go snow tubing!  With lifts that take you to the top of the chute and chutes for all levels of tubers it is definitely fun in the snow that you will not want to miss.
  • Edgewater Ice Skating Rink- This enormous ice rink is found in Madison and has views of the State capitol for skaters to enjoy while they skate. Whether you are just a beginner or have the skating capabilities to get you in the winter olympics this ice skating rink is big enough for everyone.  With views and scenery to enjoy while you skate it’s definitely a fun winter experience.

While there are many things to do and see throughout the state of Wisconsin, these are a couple of our very favorite. While the weather can be be harsh and freezing as long as you wear your long johns and bundle up accordingly there is so much winter fun to be had and activities to be enjoyed. Check the weather before planning your activities so that you can plan the accordingly. When in doubt get out in all the snow and make a snowman or enjoy nature’s beauty that is all around with a walk and nice cup of hot cocoa or coffee from one of the many local coffee shops!